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Tentang kami

Our company is active in power engineering and consists of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH (MR) and 36 subsidiaries and 6 affiliated companies globally. In the past financial year, 3,300 employees produced a turnover of 750 million euros.
Our core business is the regulation of power transformers. This is done above all with the aid of tap changers, which adapt the transmission ratio of the primary to secondary winding to changing load ratios and, together with additional, innovative products and services, ensure an interruption-free power supply.
Through increasing integration of renewable energies into the power network, this regulation also has an ever-increasing importance on the distribution network level.
Here, we likewise provide innovative system solutions. Together with conceptual design of systems for reactive power compensation and accompanying services, such as network analysis and calculation, we round out our network regulation offerings.

Produk dan jasa

  • On-load tap-changers
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Fleet Monitoring
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Drives
  • Protective Relay
  • Oil Filter Unit
  • Retrofit Products
  • MESSKO® Transformer Accessories 
  • Voltage-regulated Distribution Transformer 
  • Power Quality
  • Active Filters
  • Insulating Tubes and Composite Hollow Insulators
  • Asset Management
  • ValueFacturing


In distribution grids, non-voltage regulation transformers, which cannot respond to changes in voltage under load, are generally used. ECOTAP VPD turns these fixed distribution grid transformers into regulating transformers which keep voltage stable in public, industrial, and private distribution grids. They compensate for fluctuations in the medium voltage and respond dynamically to changes in feed-in and load at the low-voltage level.





More than 20,000 VACUTAP® VR units are currently demonstrating their value for our customers around the world. Our engineers incorporated this one-of-a-kind operating experience into the development of the new VACUTAP® VR. The result is sure to impress: Optimization of the design allowed us to increase the permitted values for step voltage and switching capacity once again.

Berita & Inovasi


The TAPMOTION ®  TD ISM ®  is factory-fitted with our very own ISM® (Integrated Smart Module) technology. This electronic automation platform is particularly well suited to the special conditions of energy technology. As well as Controlling the drive of the on-load tap-chan...| » Bacaan lain 

TESSA® Fleet Monitoring 

TESSA ®  allows us to break the mold for real-time monitoring of one or more transformers. Our ISM ®  (Integrated Smart Module) forms the foundation for all-inclusive transformer monitoring. This data interface directly on the equipment allows us to offer you a user-friendly in...| » Bacaan lain 


MESSKO is setting new standards in power transformer cooling system control with the MTeC ®  EPT303. The modularly expandable, digital measurement unit impresses with highly intelligent solutions in the areas of safety, functionality and user-friendliness. Developed from many years of ...| » Bacaan lain 


Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH
Falkensteinstr. 8
93059 Regensburg

Telp.: +49 941 40901000

Thomas Morshäuser
Sales Engineer Service Asia-Pacific
Telp.: +49 941 40907271

PT. Reinhausen Indonesia
German Centre Lt. 6, Suite 6310, Jl. Kapt. Subijanto Dj.
Bumi Serpong Dama, Tangerang Selatan 15321

Telp.: +62 21 25650045
Faks.: +62 21 25650046

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